Monday, 25 April 2016

City Cruises

Absolutely loved this cruise. We took it from Tower Bridge to Greenwich and then all the way back to Westminster bridge with a quick stop again at Tower Bridge.

Its a bit expensive as a mode of transport to Greenwich vs the tube, but its an amazing experience and definitely worth trying out at least one way.

There is a bit of recorded commentary and sometimes the crew themselves take a hold of the microphone and reveal interesting details about the buildings you are passing (remember they are not tour guides though, so don't expect lengthy historical or architectural descriptions)

I've done a couple of boat rides across the globe that are just modes of transport, not sold as a cruise, and this one is right at the top of the list. Try and wait for a boat that has a top deck if you can, the views and pictures are so much better from here on a good day.

The lower section was also amazingly comfortable. I have never seen such comfortable table seating on a transport boat.

There's a tiny cafe counter which sells pre-packaged food and some hot drinks.

Clean toilets too.

We quite enjoyed taking a break from some hectic sightseeing while just relaxing on the boat for the afternoon.

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