Friday, 6 February 2015

Purplebone - A Pet Shop

Southern Terrace Ariel Way (Westfield- Shepherds Bush)
London W12 7GA

Founded by people who bought accessories for their own dogs that were admired and inquired about. They set up this shop to help people find accessories for their own pets.

95% of the shop is dedicated to dogs and there is a huge range of toys, food, beds, collars etc. You can expect beautiful colours, well thought of choices etc.

The cat section is miniscule in comparison. A few organic style food items (wet & dry) and a few toys is what you can expect. The only scratching post they had, was made from recycled cardboard. While it may be great for the planet, my kitty will decimate it in under a week.

So yes, if you have a dog - this place is a must visit. For cats - find another place unless you have a food emergency (I don't even recall seeing litter)