Friday, 26 August 2016

St Paul’s Church Knightsbridge

St Paul’s Church Knightsbridge
32a Wilton Place
London SW1X 8SH

Phone number 020 7201 9999

A beautiful Victorian neo-Gothic church that is an ocean of tranquility in the midst of frantic Bloomsbury & Kensington.

There are some amazing mosaics with scenes from the bible on the walls. I was really surprised to see panels devoted to The Betrayal by Judas, Jesus in Simeon's arms & an apprehensive Mary at the Annunciation. Not the usual iconography that you see in a church.

The altar and stained glass are also beautiful & given its size it's awe inspiring, but not intimidating.

This church has been serving the people of Knightsbridge since the 1840's. It was the first church in London to champion the ideals of the "Oxford Movement", the so called Tractarians who sought to restore a sense of Catholic order & spirituality to the Established Church & to enrich its worship by the recovery of ancient traditions.

It was consecrated in 1843 & the tiled panels were created in the 1870's by Daniel Bell. The stations of the Cross were painted in the 1920's by Gerald Moira.

If you would like a bit more background about this church, David is an expert & I've linked to his post here.

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The Tailors Shop, London

The Tailors Shop,
30 Craven Terrace
London W2 3EL
Phone number 07961 172171

We have only used their cleaning & ironing facilities for the husbands shirts & trousers and double bed-sheets. We have been very happy with the service, they manage to get out most of our long haired white cats fur out of the fabric, which he does appreciate. Especially when it comes to his dark coloured trousers.

They have an offer of 5 shirts for 6£, but they now give us the price of 1.2£ a shirt no matter whether we give them in multiples of 5 or not. One of the benefits of being a regular.

Service is quick and they pack clothes well on hangers and in plastic. Thy recycle both, so we just return them with the next bag of clothes.

They have tailoring, alteration and darning facilities on the premises, but we haven't used them so far.

Rating : 4 / 5