Saturday, 20 February 2016

Yelp and Not Another Salon: Not Another Hair Event!

This event was so much fun. Loved trying out the wigs and seeing other yelpers in different colours. Never thought a blonde look could go with my skin tone.

In the food and drink - loved the tea and mini bite pairings from Tea Studio & Funzing, the bubble tea from Bubbleology and the White Russians with Pirates Grog Rum.

Chipotle Burritos are best assembled fresh and to taste, the pre-rolled standardised ones weren't as good.

We got to taste just 2 gins and were we too late to try the wine (second lot who entered at 8:30) or did they not show up? Anyway, the Bubble tea made up for it.

Small disadvantages of being in the second lot
- the nail bar had a really long queue and before we got to the front of the line, it was time for her to close up.
- we just couldn't get inside the secret room. It was a small space and the people who had found seats there had gotten quite comfortable
- the floor had gotten quite dirty with all the food on offer - but that could just be my semi dormant OCD cropping up.

Overall, it was a good event. Sophia and her team are awesome - they are so down-to-earth and not at all intimidating - (It was a complete surprise that Ross who fitted me with the wigs is a regular stylist at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks!) I quite liked the vibe of the location and the attitude of the stylists. I think I would go back to them for my next colour treatment and maybe let them do something new with my hair.

It was great to meet Beth and Christoph, other known yelpers and some newbies too. Looking forward to a whole lot of events in this year.