Saturday, 1 August 2015

#YelpBigNightIn - Yelp’s Big Night In

I cheated! I juggled myself into celebrating THREE #YelpBigNightIn on Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday!

Wednesday, was a lovely chilled out day. A picnic arrived from Pauls via the Quiqup guys. 26 minutes from the time I placed the order online to the time the picnic hamper was delivered home by Edward. Plans to head to Hyde Park were promptly dissolved in favour of watching a movie at home. Plus picnic hamper meant no cutlery, so no washing up! Yay! Score!

Thursday was spent preparing for a Huge #YelpBigNightIn, and I was busy cooking up a storm during the day and into most of the night. A bit of a disappointment when the lady from Hassle did not turn up at the appointed time. The Hassle guys were willing to send a substitute over on Friday, but I was having friends coming over on Thursday to spend the night, so I had to quickly clean up myself. They have promised to let me use their service at a later date.

The Laundrapp guy did not turn up at the appointed 4pm either, But a lovely Shiraz appeared courtesy Mr Vine, so I was ready to just drink my disappointment away.

We had barely started on the bottle around 11pm, when a guy turned up from Laundrapp. I was shocked, I didn't know people actually "worked" that late in London. He told me that they do pickups and deliveries right until midnight. What a wonderful facility for people who themselves work late and get home even later. The biggest pleasure of course, was an empty laundry basket. No ironing this week. Tralalalalala.

Friday, a couple of friends were due to come over for a home cooked meal, but I cheated a bit. I ordered some starters and baklava from Lokkanta, which was promptly delivered by deliveroo and everyone loved the food. I'll be ordering a full meal from them some time soon. Since the starters were taken care of, I could spend more time with my friends just catching up.

I wasn't able to get anyone at Bizzby, but I'll talk to them this week and try and sort it out. I was planning to ask them to pick up some chilled beers, ciders and ice just before the party (these miniscule London city apartment refrigerators!) But the poor husband was finally dispatched to do this job. LOL.

Laundrapp is due to return the clothes on Monday and I have to contact Bizzby & Hassle to see what can be worked out, so I might just manage to extend the #YelpBigNightIn by a couple of more days. Maybe I can get myself a massage from Bizzby and a cleaning before our next round of houseguests the coming weekend? Is this going to be a #YelpBigWeekIn ?