Thursday, 25 December 2014

Verve Pet Boutique & Cafe

Verve Pet Boutique & Cafe
179 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill
London W11 2SB
020 7229 1348

An unusual pet shop run by interesting people. There's even a cafe to sip on coffee and enjoy a light snack while you shop.

Verve was a Godsend for us as the only pet shop in the area, open at 7pm, when we arrived after an international flight with our cat and needed to buy her a litter box before she was released and brought home by JCS.

They carry a huge range of products for both dogs and cats and you will often find miniature dogs of the owner and his friends, at the store.

They have a dog sitting facility on the premises and If I'm not mistaken, they offer shampooing services too.

They are slightly on the more expensive side, but they make up for it with the service levels and extended hours etc.

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